Consumer protection association


The Law on Protection of Consumer Rights 2010 stipulates that “Protecting the interests of consumers is a common responsibility of the State and the whole society.” (Clause 1, Article 4). On that basis, this Law also stipulates the State's policy on consumer protection: "Create favorable conditions for organizations and individuals to actively participate in the protection of consumers' interests." (Clause 1, Article 5). Accordingly, social organizations established in accordance with the law and operating under the charter may participate in consumer protection activities. Pursuant to Article 28, Law on Protection of Consumer Rights 2010, social organizations involved in consumer protection perform the following tasks:

a/ Guiding, assisting and counseling consumers upon request;

b/ Representing a consumer to initiate a lawsuit or initiating a lawsuit for public interest;

c/ Providing a state management agency in charge of consumer right protection with information on goods or service traders’ violations of law;

d/ Independently surveying and testing goods or service quality and announcing its survey and testing results; notifying and warning consumers of goods or services and take responsibility before law for such notification and warning; proposing competent state agencies to handle violations of the law on consumer right protection;

e/ Participating in the elaboration of laws, guidelines, policies, orientations, plans and measures for consumer right protection;

f/ Performing tasks assigned by state agencies under Article 29 of this Law;

g/ Disseminating, popularizing and educating about laws and knowledge on consumption.

When performing tasks assigned by state agencies, a social organization engaged in consumer right protection may receive financial supports from the State and other conditions under law.


Article 28 of Decree No. 99/2011/ND-CP of the Government dated October 27, 2011 detailing and guiding the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights stipulates the tasks that the State assigns social organizations to perform, as follows:

A social organization that fully meets the conditions specified in Article 27 of Decree No. 99/2011/ND-CP will be assigned by a competent state agency to perform one of the following tasks:

1. Propagating, disseminating and educating about consumer rights and obligations.

2. Guiding, training and raising awareness for consumers.

3. Consulting and support for consumers.

4. Conduct research, actual surveys, gather opinions, reflect consumer needs.