Functions, duties and powers


1. Functions

The Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority (VCCA) is an organisation under the Ministry of Industry and Trade with the function of advising and assisting the Minister in performing the state management and enforcing laws in the fields of competition, consumer protection and state management on multi-level marketing; organising and managing public service activities in the fields and scope of competence in accordance with law and decentralised and authorised by the Minister.

The VCCA has its legal status, seal and account. VCCA's operating expenses shall be provided by the state budget and from other sources in accordance with the law.

The VCCA has a transaction name written in English: Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority.

VCCA’s head office in Hanoi city.

2. Duties and powers

1. Develop and submit to the Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for promulgation or for the Minister to submit to competent authorities for approval and promulgation of legal documents on competition and protection of consumer's rights.

2. Implement legal documents after they are approved and promulgated by competent authorities. Detect and propose relevant agencies to handle the issued documents with contents inconsistent with the provisions of the competition law and law on the protection of consumer interests according to their competence..

3. Promulgate documents provide professional guidance on competition and consumer protection within its competence under laws.

4. Competition:

a) Accept and conduct investigation on competition relating to anti-competitive behaviours for Competition Council to settle in accordance with the law;

b) Accept, conduct investigation and handle or propose measures to handle unfair competition behaviours and other violations of competition law in accordance with the law;

c) Appraise the application for exemption according to the provisions of competition law to submit to the Minister for promulgating decision;

d) Control economic concentration;

dd) Develop and manage the database system on enterprises holding dominant position in the market, monopolies, association’s competition rules, exemptions;

e) Implement state management on multi-level marketing activities.

5. Consumer protection:

a) Standard form contract, general terms of transaction control;

b) Settle complaints and denunciations according to competence; handle or propose handling measures for violations of the law on consumer protection;

c) Public the list of organisations, individuals that violate the law on consumer protection in mas media and website of VCCA in accordance with the law;

6. Promote international cooperation in developing and enforcing laws on competition and consumer protection.

7. Raise awareness, provide education, advocate the laws and policies on competition and consumer protection.

8. Organise training courses to improve professional qualifications for relevant organisations and officials implementing competition and consumer protection affairs.

9. Coordinate with Department of Personnel and Organisation in performing the state management over associations operating in the fields of competition, multi-level marketing and consumer protection in accordance with the laws.

10. Develop database, manage and provide information at request of agencies, organsations, individuals pursuant to provisions in competition and consumer protection laws.

11. Inspect, supervise and implement in accordance with the law on competition and consumer protection; handle complaints and denunciations in pursuant with the law and the decentralisation in management of the Ministry.

12. Preside or coordinate with relevant agencies to participate in negotiation process regarding competition and consumer protection issues in international treaty on trade as assigned by the Minister.

13. Develop and implement the administrative reform program towards the objectives of the Ministry’s administrative reform program.

14. Manage and operate the managerial apparatuses, permanent payroll, cadres, civil servants; ensure salary regime and policies on commendation, discipline, foster on professional skill to VCCA’s cadres and official in pursuant with law and decentralisation of Ministry. 

15. Manage finance, assigned assets, and allocated budget according to the provisions of law.

16. Perform other duties assigned by the Minister.

The functions, tasks, powers and organisational structure of the Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority are specified in Decision No. 3808/QD-BCT of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.