About VCCA





Viet Nam Competition and Consumer Authority (VCCA) is an agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade which has functions of enforcing the laws of competition, consumer protection and multi-level marketing in order to ensure healthy competitive environment, build up equal opportunities for market players as well as protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Units under VCCA include:

  • Office
  • Antitrust Division
  • Economic Concentration Control Division
  • Unfair Competition Investigating and Handling Division
  • Consumer Protection Division
  • Standard Contract and General Condition Control Division
  • Center for Information, Consultation and Training

            With the main function of assisting the Minister of Industry and Trade implement the state management on competition and protection of consumers' rights, VCCA’s activities are focusing on:

  •  Promote a healthy competitive environment

            VCCA's operational criterion is to create and maintain a healthy competitive environment with equal business opportunities for all businesses in the market. VCCA encourages and promotes competition among businesses, thereby ensuring the interests of consumers, the development of science and technology and social progress. 

  •  Protect the interests of businesses and consumers against anti-competitive practices

            VCCA is responsible for assisting the Minister of Industry and Trade to unify state mana investigating cases related to acts of reducing, distorting and obstructing competition in the market. Specifically, VCCA is responsible for organizing the investigation of anti-competitive agreements, abuses of market power and effectively control economic concentration activities.

  • Protection against unfair competition practices

With the purpose of creating a fair and equal competition environment for all businesses, VCCA is empowered to investigate and handle unfair competition practices in accordance with the law. Specifically, VCCA has the authority to investigate unfair competition practices such as trade secret infringement, forcing customers or business partners of other enterprises through threatening or coercion; disrupting competitors’ business, enticing customers illegally, etc,. in order to compete unfairly with other enterprise. For cases of unfair competition, VCCA has the authority to apply measures to handle the violations.

  • State management over Multi-level Marketing Activity

To perform the state management over multi-level business efficiently and effectively, VCCA works closely with functional agencies and the Departments of Industry and Trade nationwide to ensure multi-level marketing activities are carried out strictly in accordance with the provisions of law, promptly detect and handle illegal multi-level marketing activities.

  • Protect the rights of consumers

            VCCA is responsible for assisting the Minister of Industry and Trade to unify state management on protection of consumers' interests. To carry out this responsibility, VCCA coordinates with authorities and consumer protection organizations nationwide to ensure that the rights and interests of consumers are obtained by manufacturers as well as respected by providers of goods or services. 


Address: 25 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Telephone : +84.24.2220.5002

Fax: +84.24.2220.5003

Email: vcca@moit.gov.vn

Website: vcca.gov.vn