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Introducing the Call Center 1800-6838

28/01/2020 - Introducing the Call Center 1800-6838

1. INTRODUCTION 1800-6838 The 1800-6838 switchboard was built based on the idea of ​​combining the first number 1800 and the digits "6,8,3,8" corresponding to the letters "N, T, D, V" on the phone keypad. with the meaning as "People-Consumer-Vietnamese". Call center 1800-6838 is free of charge and provides the following support: - Consulting on policies and legal regulations on consumer protection and competition in Vietnam - Guide and advise consumers on how to make complaints and resolve complaints. - Advising consumers on how to consume smartly.

2. SOME NOTES WHEN CALLING TO THE PBX 1800-6838 - Introduce the consumer's full name, contact information (residence address, email if any) of the consumer - Introduce information about business organizations and individuals to be reflected (name, phone, address, email if any) - Describe the case and request, request the support switchboard


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