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26/01/2021 -

Chapter 2 (Article 12 to the end of Article 26) of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights provides for the responsibilities of organizations [and/or]  individuals trading in goods and services towards consumers.

According to the Law on Protection of the interests of consumers, an organization [and/or] individual trading goods and/or services is an organization [and/or] individual that performs one, several or all of the stages of the investment process, from production to sales of goods or supply of services on the market for profit, including:

(i) Traders in accordance with the Commercial Law. Clause 1, Article 6 of the Commercial Law 2005 stipulates that traders include legally established economic organizations and individuals conducting commercial activities independently, regularly and with business registration; and

(ii) Individuals conducting independent and regular commercial activities without having to register for business.

The responsibilities of enterprises under the provisions of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights include:

1. Providing information about goods and services

2. Responsibilities of third parties in providing information about goods and services to consumers

3. Responsibility to provide transaction proof

4. Responsibility for warranty of goods, components and accessories

5. Responsibility for recalling defective goods

6. Liability to compensate for damage caused by defective goods

7. Performance of standardized contracts, general trading conditions

8. Control of standardized contracts and general transaction conditions.

In addition, businesses should pay attention to the responsibility for protecting consumer information and the prohibited acts specified in Articles 6 and 10 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights, respectively.

To assess compliance with the provisions of the law on consumer protection, businesses can refer to information at the website of the "Business for Consumer Program" at https://dn.bvntd .gov.vn/